Sunday, September 20, 2009

What is a foodpreneur?

Of course I thought I was extra smart and I had come up with a new word when I thought of the word foodpreneur. But, once I did a little search, I discovered that my "word" wasn't my word. Well, it's a word and one that I've chosen to head up this blog and future podcast. I'm a foodpreneur. I didn't set out in this life to be one, but now I am fully in it and I love it. I love working on my product and perfecting my muffin recipes. I love the way the ingredients come together and make these little pockets of goodness that people enjoy eating. I love pulling out a tray of granola bars and just looking at them in their simplicity. It wasn't what I planned. It is so far off of what I had wanted to do, but now I can only see this as what I want.
So, how does this blog come into play? This blog and podcast is a place where I can talk to other food entrepreneurs. I am going to interview them, get to know how they think, and share this with other foodpreneurs.
Foodpreneurs are different from other entrepreneurs. The most obvious way is that we deal with food. We are entrepreneurs with this desire to make people feel loved and nurtured with the food that we make and provide for them. Nothing satisfies us more than the satisfaction that we get from having someone smile when they eat something that we've prepared.
I could go on and on about why I do what I do and why other food entrepreneurs do what they do. In the next few months, I'm going to interview other people out there making their way in the world of food.
See you in one week.

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